Friday, 29 November 2013

So with the salmon season over for a few months here in south wales, a lot of anglers focus on the grayling.
The grayling a lovely looking fish, Latin name Thymallus thymallus or called by a lot of people
 'The lady of the stream'
A lot of you match anglers might recognise this chap as 'team airflow' member phil cotton with the first fish of the day
No sooner had I put the camera away there was another on the bank from the same swim
And another from from phil  
Ha right then rod down 'sun shine'  'my turn' the first tidy fish of the day for me

This was an interesting catch a nice grayling, had phil and myself just been comenting on the lack of small fish around that were there on the previous trip out pops this fish.
This is a top view of the same fish with a pretty nasty mark on its back from a or goosander or a merganser 
The last fishy shot of the day, after a nice days fishing it was home for tea and cake.
And of course what would fly fishing be with out getting stuck up a tree or two
thanks for taking the time to read my short blog
tight lines

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